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My name is Scott Pedersen, owner and instructor of Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness. I love to help people and am very fortunate to follow my passion, as I feel helping others is the most rewarding job in the world.

First Things First
I tell people who are looking into the martial arts to first ask themselves ‘What is it I want to gain and achieve through training? Do I want competition, fitness or self defense?’. If self defense (and the safety of your loved ones) is the primary goal, I teach a no-nonsense, reality based, protection program called ‘Self Defense TacTecs’.

Self Defense TacTecs
TacTecs (short for tactics and techniques) is a functional system that focuses on highly successful moves against common dangers and threats. The course prepares you for situations as diverse as: how to control a violent person without harming them, to the extreme opposite of protecting yourself against multiple armed assailants. The program also deals with other ‘bad day’ situations such as larger opponents, ambushes and what to do if you are down on the ground.

Self Defense TacTecs intelligently builds your self-protection ‘tool box’ from the ground up. You learn both how to do something effectively and also why it works. A key part of TacTecs is that, from the start, it teaches you how to handle hostile encounters using the natural weapons of your body. This is important because a person who knows unarmed defense is always armed.

This is self-defense you can employ at any age. Though the training will improve your balance, coordination and speed, nothing we do requires extreme athleticism; you can use its techniques over a life time. We build your protection skills around your physical abilities, giving you effective alternatives that will work for you.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above TacTecs is also user friendly and fun to learn, which makes coming to class an activity you’ll look forward to.

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What is Self Defense TacTecs?

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Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness provides world class expert instruction in martial arts, fitness, self defense and weapons in a class, private and semi-private formats.
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