Martial Arts for Kids

Martial Arts for Kids

Martial Arts Classes for Kids, Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness

Tiny Tigers, Fridays

at Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness

Westmister, CO

Scott Pedersen is teaching the Tiny Tigers class to kids (3-5 yrs. old) on Fridays.

This class can help children build motor skills, improve focus and attention, help them to do better in school and lays the foundation for all of the benefits that martial arts.

These are some of the benefits martial arts training offers children.

Social Skills
Setting Goals
Self Esteem
Conflict Resolution
Listening Skills
Teamwork Skills

Scott Pedersen has been teaching and training pro-athletes, people with disabilities and students ranging in ages from 3-85 for over 20 years.  He delivers quality instruction and depth of material in an understandable way to any age. Find out about how to to enroll your child in martial arts training for kids at Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness.

Kids martial arts training schedule

Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness

Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness

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