We Empower People

We Empower People

Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness offers complementary styles to choose from: Self Defense TacTecs (fundamental protection training), Cardio Kickboxing (high level functional fitness), Kali Method (modern day, improvised and traditional weapons) and Kids Karate (character development and bully proofing).


Self-Defense is our specialty!

Get the knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones. We give you the skills to deal with all ranges of threats; including the need to peacefully subdue someone to the other extreme of surviving an armed attacker.


Get Lean & Sculpted!

Our signature fitness class here at Synergy is one of the most effective fitness programs in town. If you’re looking for that lean, sculpted physique that MMA fighters and kickboxers are famous for, but want the fun and safety of a cardio class, this is definitely ‘your’ workout.

martial arts classes

No tricks, no gimmicks, no contracts!  Just straight up good training at a fun and friendly school. SEE CLASSES

Synergy testimonials

At Synergy Martial Arts we improve lives through training.  But you don’t have to take our word for it, see what our students think:  TESTIMONIALS

class schedule

We are a full-time facility with a wide variety of class times to fit your busy life.  SEE SCHEDULE

We Welcome All Levels of Ability

Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness

Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness

Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness provides world class expert instruction in martial arts, fitness, self defense and weapons in a class, private and semi-private formats.
Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness

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