Rick Rogers, of Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness of Westminster, CO.

Rick Rogers, of Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness of Westminster, CO.

Rick Rogers Ph.D. C.S.C.S. C.M.P.T.
Rick Rogers MMA Training at Synergy Martial Arts

Dr.  Rick comes to us from the West coast with a wealth of experience, versatility and education. A retired professional MMA fighter and kickboxer, he has over 30 years of training in the combat arts, over 20 years of teaching experience and 13 years of competing under his belt.

He has trained and taught the world over, having worked with every level from beginner to seasoned professional, Military, Federal and local law enforcement agencies. Rick holds high level belt rank and teaching certifications in 18 different systems specializing in Defence Labs DNA, Defense in Attack, Filipino martial arts, Bruce Lees’ Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai kickboxing and several other self defense and weapon systems.

He teaches the two most effective systems he has encountered in his fighting experience: DNA and Kali Method.

Having literally grown up in the health and fitness field, he holds a Doctorate in Sports Education, a Masters degree in Exercise Science with concentrations in functional strength and conditioning and fat loss, a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a minor in nutrition. He is a certified master personal trainer and nutritionist. He also has certifications in 3 forms of yoga, mat pilates and is a level 3 kettle bell and gymnastics instructor.

He has been voted in the top 1% of fitness coaches in the country. He uses his expertise in Physical Therapy to assist rehabilitation from injuries . He also prepares fighters for competition with his Mixed Martial Art Conditioning Coach certification.

His classes are fun, effective and intense. When not teaching he helps clients and students achieve proper techniques, wrapping hands and answering fitness questions. Chances are his smile, kind words or cheesy jokes will confirm his passion for his students and his lifelong career.


Rick Rogers MMA Training at Synergy Gym

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