Ten years ago, I set out to create a system that would best take a beginning student, with no previous martial arts training, to a point of proficiency where they could successfully deal with common threats and attacks. These skills are life empowering and I want to share it with as many people as I can!

My original main system (and my first earned Black Belt) was in Kenpo Karate. Among later systems I studied was Hock Hochheim’s Force Necessary. Hocheim, a hugely influential instructor, takes veterans of the arts and propels their knowledge forward.

I call the system I have built Self Defense TacTecs (Tactics and Techniques). Despite being designed as an intelligently laid path of progression for beginners, it’s been extremely well received by novices and experts a like!

I was using the Kenpo color system for rank but decided, since what I’m doing is unique to that old training method, I needed a unique color progression too. A very good friend of mine (and father of two of my Kids Karate students) kindly painted this plaque for me to display those colors up on the dojo wall. Thank you Kevin!

PS those that know the color wheel will see my inspiration.

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