Synergy Martial Arts & Fitness offers fun and friendly instruction in Self Defense for adults, Cardio Kickboxing and Kids Karate!

People stay because they’re happy with their great training at Synergy, not because they’re contractually obligated.

We work with students from age 3 and up (the oldest student to date being 85). A solid system should be comprised of material that will work over most of the course of one’s life (for instance if a fancy move can only be performed by someone in their 20’s then it’s short sighted and pointless to learn).
Generally, kids classes are split up from age ranges 3 to 5 (Young Tigers) and 5 to 12 (Kids Karate). The adult classes (Cardio Kickboxing and Self Defense TacTecs) are for those ages 13 and up.

Students should only practice and learn material that will work for them personally. Our motto being ‘build the training around the student, not the student around the training’. In other words if someone has a physical limitation (for example we’ve trained people with a variety of unique conditions including a fused ankle, a removed rotator cuff in the one shoulder, wheel chair bound and blindness) then that person shouldn’t practice something that doesn’t make sense for them.

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