360 Degree Awareness360 Degree Awareness

When it comes to realistic self defense, you have to take in account a 360 Degree Awareness in order to deal with not only the obvious, immediate threat but also the threats you don’t see.

If you go onto Youtube, you can find hundreds if not thousands of videos caught by cell phones and CCTV cameras of real life street encounters and what you’ll notice it is rarely, if ever, just a one on one confrontation.

It’s a fact that most violent encounters are multiple attackers on one defender, normally with the other attackers joining in after the fight is already on. Another extremely common phenomenon is a random spectator will run in and “sucker” punch the easiest target.

While there are several different ways to train for this, the easiest and the one that should always be your first line of defense is the 360 Degree Awareness. Simply put this means that before, during and after an encounter you should be looking around for other people that could be a possible attacker. This could be as simple as glancing over your shoulder, blading or pivoting your body to sneak a quick peek behind you, to incorporating this concept into you’re training. For example, the DNA (defense in attack) system we offer here at Synergy utilizes this concept from day one by “looking thru the windows” while in a defensive position to allow you to scan the area around you in an arch to give a full view of exactly where the threats are coming from while putting you into an easily defensesible position.

Start thinking about this when you’re training and you’ll notice it will start to become a habit and it’s a wonderful way to up your ability to defend yourself.

Side notes:

Kali Testing is this Saturday the 18th!

Good luck to all those testing and if your not testing come on out and cheer your Synergy family on.

Secondly, those of you who were interested in the brand new C-Tac (civilian tactical) system that Dr. Rick recently got certified in, let us know if you’d be up for a special small group training on Saturdays around 11 or 11:30. For more information on this tactically minded, weapon defense and retention based system grab Dr. Rick and ask.

Thanks guys and always remember you rock!!!


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