Awesome Testing Guys!Awesome Testing Guys!

So we are very proud to say that last weeks testing went fantastically!

Not only did everyone who was testing pass, they did it with flying colors.

From the Advanced Self Defense (KDM) test on Wednesday to all of the little guys in the Kids Karate and the beginners in the Basic Self Defense (TacTecs) on Saturday, we saw an amazing amount of dedication, warrior spirit and heart. It was very obvious that the testing candidates had put in a lot of hard work getting ready for this test and it did certainly show!

We simply could not be any more proud of you guys!

This kind of result is what we here at Synergy really strive for. To see the look of accomplishment, the sense of pride and watching every one grow in their Martial Art journey. Whether you’re a KDM Self Defense student, a little Karate warrior, a Kali weapons practitioner or where ever your path takes you, we simply love to see your improvement. Both of our Master Instructor, Dr. Rick and Mr. P got into teaching and training because they love to help people achieve the highest level they possibly can. And it warmed our hearts to see everyone smash it!

Awesome Testing Guys!

And on a side note:

One of Mr.Ps main instructors, Hock Hocheim, is coming back to Synergy to conduct a seminar this October 8th and 9th. Hock is known for creating the “Force Necessary” system of Martial Arts and his material composes part of the Basic Self Defense course here at Synergy. With a strong back ground in the Filipino Martial Arts and a dash of Tactical application thrown in for good measure this seminar promises to be  a lot of fun and to delivery some really good information.

Ask Mr. P for more info if you would like to attend as soon as you can as these seminars tend to sell out pretty quickly.

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