Bathing suit season hacksBathing suit season hacks

Hey howdy everyone, this week we thought we would share some Bathing suit season hacks and quick fix tricks.

Now, fair warning some of these might sound a little bit odd but give them a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. Were not going to go into all the confusing science stuff here but if your curious ask Dr. Rick about it the next time your in the gym.

Ok here we go:


The next time your in the shower, when your ready to get out, slowly turn the temperature down till it is as cold as you can stand. While you’re dropping the temperature let the water hit you on the upper back and neck area. When you have the temp down as low as you can go, stay there for 2-4 minutes. Not only does this make your metabolism rev up but it feels great during the summer!



When you’re going to be eating protein, not carbs, add dried red pepper. The best way to do this is if you’re going to be cooking or grilling. When you are preparing the protein to be cooked add some dried red pepper and rub it into the meat as deeply as you can. Not only does this raise your core body temperature but also gets that metabolism going at a higher rate. Side benefit, red pepper is good for the heart and not to mention it taste great!



Anytime you are going to be eating carbs, and let’s face it everyone does from time to time, drink as much water with lemon and/or lime in it as you can stand. This will not only trick your body into think your more full then you really are but it will also lubricate the passage of the carbs thru your system. By having a large amount of water coming into your body at the same time the carbs are your body will “wash” some of the carbs right thru your system and not let them get a chance to be turned into stored fat cells.


So, there we go, give these┬áBathing suit season hacks a try and it’ll be another way to get ready for the pool!

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