Calorie BurnCalorie Burn.

So, it’s a very common misconception that the more calories burned during a workout is better but that’s not always the case.

The first thing to keep in  mind about a calorie is that its just a unit of measurement, one calorie is equal to the energy produced by burning it, no matter what the fuel source is or where it comes from.

A caloric burn can be from your blood sugar, from your body using your muscles as fuel or from any of several other sources, but everybody wants the calories you burn during your workout to come from just your stored fat right?

In order to guarantee that the majority of the calories burned come from burning the fat is a very difficult, scientific process. You need to eliminate all of the other fuel sources as an option for your body to utilize and “trick” your body into using it. Its kinda like trying to persuade someone to take money out of their savings account, nobody wants to.

First and foremost you need to use your muscle in order to convince your body that “oh, we need this, better not burn it.”

Then you need to have an oxygen depravation so your body starts to produce the right body chemical “cocktail” in order to create not only a caloric burn but amps up your metabolism as well.

For example, most kickboxing workout programs can burn an average of 800 to 1000 calories per class but if not designed correctly, no extra metabolic boost, no extra calories burned and most of the calories burned off are coming from your muscles.

The Cardio Conditioning program here at Synergy not only burns a minimum of 1200 calories from fat, increases your muscle mass but also revs up the metabolism for at least 24 hours, sometimes as much as 48 to 50 hours after class. Simply put by getting the metabolic rate really high, the classes here will keep you burning fat calories for a full day or two after class.

Science is cool!!!

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