Family movie night!Family movie night!

Hey everyone, so in a couple weeks were having our next Synergy Family movie night!

Two weeks from this Saturday on Saturday, May 9th were inviting everyone out to go and watch The Avengers 2.

Show times aren’t quite out yet so we’ll be locking down the exact time the week before but it will most likely be the last matinee showing some where in the neighborhood of 4 o’clock or so.

If you can, try to come and hang out with your training partners, make some new friends and if nothing else it’s almost worth it to see Mr. P and Dr. Rick not in uniform :).

On a side note:

The next training blade order for the Kali classes is going to be sent out at the end of this week, so if your needing that sword or knife for class get your order in before then. Dr. Rick has the approved list and the price sheet in the office.

Secondly, if your looking for a pair of MMA/Fight shorts or a new training shirt, Arch Angel is letting Synergy offer some amazing deals!!! Only $30 for the shorts and $20 for any Arch Angels shirt (while supplies last). Also any Arch Angel wear will be recognized as an official school uniform and can be worn to any and all classes.






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