Gym Wildlife

Gym Wildlife in their natural habitat.

Gym Wildlife

A lighthearted overview of the types of Gym Wildlife one comes in contact with while in the workout environment.

1. Come atus me brous:

A highly aggressive species that is most easily recognized by a puffed up chest and low slung brow. Can normally be seen wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and brightly colored pants.

2. Wallis de floweris:

This type of Gym Wildlife is most well known for it’s almost chameleon like ability to blend into the background. Normally new to the gym wilderness, this species can be shy at first but goes thru a metamorphosis into a confident member of the environment over time.

3. Kicka de buttikus:

More commonly known as the “Hardcore Harry” this species most common characteristics are an almost supernatural level of stamina, remarkable strength and the ability to learn new and different movements very quickly. Normally shunned at first by its fellow Gym Wildlife it quickly wins others over with it’s caring and upbeat attitude and willingness to help others.

4. Weekendconus Warriorus:

This interesting species can be recognized by its never ending cycle of intense activity followed by a deep hibernation. A fascinating side note, most of this type of Gym Wildlife follow the same ebb and flow as their favorite sporting season.

5. Trainerous despicicus:

Most often found “leading the herd” this species is easily recognized by its always having a stop watch or timer in hand (some rare examples also have incredibly shorts shorts). The behavior of this kind of Gym Wildlife is most complex. On the surface it would almost appear that this species gets pleasure in the pain and suffering of the others but when you look deeper you notice that out of all the Gym Wildlife, this species appears to care the most for the rest of the pack.

So there you have it. A quick field guide to some of the most common examples of Gym Wildlife. Hope you enjoyed this little poking of fun at ourselves…

Have a wonderful week guys and we’ll see ya in the gym!!!

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