Kids Karate and Tac-Tech TestingKids Karate and Tac-Tech Testing

Hey guys! So we’ve got Kids Karate and Tac-Tech Testing coming up at the end of this month.

The Testing schedule is as follows:

Kids Karate on Saturday, March 21st

Basic @ 10:30

Intermediate/Advanced @ 12:30

Tac-Tech on Saturday, March 28th

All levels @ 11:30

The Kids Karate program is going to be testing a week early to avoid conflicting with any Spring Break plans anyone might have.

Coming up next month is Kali Testing on Saturday, April 18th for All Levels.

Good luck to everyone and remember if you want to make sure you know the material try to get in a private lesson as soon as possible as Mr. P and Dr. Rick always get fully booked around test time.

Side note, the next specialty in house seminar will be a “Tigers and Cubs” class, where parents and their children can come in and train together. This is a great way to foster a closer relationship and help your kids practice at home.

And last but certainly not least, remember that as a family member of Synergy you get to try out one of the amazing small group fitness classes. These classes are essentially the same as personal training and are the fastest, most effective workouts in the gym.

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