Martial Arts and Fat LossMartial Arts and Fat Loss

In todays blog post we’d like to chat a little bit about how the Martial Arts and Fat Loss go together.

Sure, when everyone thinks of Martial Arts and Fat Loss they immediately think of cardio kickboxing which is an amazingly effective workout but did you ever think that a slower pace technique class could also burn fat calories off of you? True they don’t burn anywhere near the amount of a HitFit class but still…

When you’re doing a technique class such as the Kinetix Krav Maga, the TacTec, C-Tac Civilian Tactical or mostly the Kali class you can still use a pretty decent amount of calories as fuel. The cool thing is the majority of movements you do in class are what is known as compound movements. Compound movements use multiple different muscle groups at the same time. For example doing a round kick not only uses the muscles in your legs but in your core and to a lesser extent the muscles in your upper body as well. When you do compound movements several times over in quick secession your respiratory and cardiovascular systems can’t keep up with all those different muscles wanting oxygen at the same time. This creates an oxygen deprivation and forces your body to look else where for a fuel source to keep you moving and since the body only has so many fuel sources available it starts to use stored fat cells once you feel out of breath.

Remember the last time you felt a little winded after doing kicking drills? When you needed a moment to catch your breath after grappling? When you wanted a quick drink after warming up with 6 count drills in Kali? That’s the compound movements revving up your heart rate and getting you ready to turn some stored fat cells into fuel.

Does this mean you can say, “In that case no more working out for me.” Nope, you still need to do a few high intensity interval trainings a week to really boost your metabolism and prepare a rock solid environment for your body to burn off fat but more on this next week!

Okie Dokie, weekly announcements:

Only one this time around guys, Mr. P will be out of the gym for a little while in order to care of his wife who just had surgery. Due to this the Test Prep classes on Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be cancelled till his return on May 2nd.

Have a wonderful week all and remember your awesome!


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