New Year Preset Workout and a Special Offer...

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New Year Preset Workout and a Special Offer…

Hey there everybody, hope you’re having a great Holiday break!

So, after all the votes from Facebook and the all the verbal preferences (and even a couple of email write ins.) were tallied, the official New Year Preset Workout will take place on…

Dec. 31st @ 10 a.m.

Plan to spend about an hour and some change as Dr. Rick is going to be taking you thru not only the new HitFit program but immediately after we’ll be doing a NuYu boot camp, the first here at Synergy!!!

Special Offer announcement time:

If you know of anyone who’d be interested in having as much fun, getting the results or get a feeling of empowerment from knowing how to defend themselves and other, they can get 10% off their first 3 months if they sign up on the 31st all the way till the end of January. Plus if your buddy does sign up during the special you get an extra 5% off your membership bringing the grand total to an incredible 10% off!!! Bring in 10 friends and your free!!!

Can’t wait to see everyone and smash it on the 31st!!!!!!

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