Saturday Testing!!!Saturday Testing!!!

Hey guys,

It’s test time! This Saturday Testing!!! will follow the normal format, tests are going to be held during the normal class times. Make sure to bring any and all equipment and curriculum sheets or booklets with you as you will definitely be needing those.

The Testing schedule is as follows:

10:30 Kids Karate (Basic)

11:30 Adults Self Defense TacTecs

12:30 Kids Karate (Intermediate and above)


12:30 Defence Lab DNA or Defense in Action (Year 1 Blocks 1 2 and 3)

This week classes will focus on getting everyone set and ready for the big day.

Also Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness is hosting a seminar with Hock Hochheim next month on Saturday and Sunday August 22nd and 23rd. Hock is the founder of the Force Necessary Combative system which makes up a big part the Self Defense TacTecs program and is Mr. Ps main Instructor.

In addition coming in September we are proud to have Grandmaster Felix Pascua from the island of Leyte coming to Synergy to conduct a seminar in the Filipino Martial Arts. Grandmaster Felix or Manoy is Dr. Ricks Instructor for the last 26 years and is one of the most knowledgable Instructors not only in the use of the stick and knife but is a leading authority in Filipino empty hands as well. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to come train with one of the Masters from the islands.


Best of luck to everyone testing this weekend and as always everyone is more than welcome to come out and cheer on their Synergy training family!!!

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