Test time!Test time!

Hey guys,

This Saturday is test time for Kids Beginner, Kids Intermediate and Adult Kenpo.

All test will take place at your normal class times, if you haven’t checked with Mr. P if your ready to test do so ASAP!

We wish everyone the best of luck if you’re testing this weekend and we wanted to just take a moment to say how incredibly proud we are of all the hard work you’ve been putting in!!!

Real fast, we also have a Kali Method seminar coming up on Sat. October 18th with the head of the system Jason Cruz or JC for short, Jason is one of the best Instructors one the seminar circuit and is a long time training partner of Dr. Ricks. These are always a blast and we always spend some time with knife grappling an often overlooked and neglected part of the Filipino Martial Arts.

Also next month we have a DNA test coming up on Saturday October the 25th for all of you shape shifters, remember to bring your sparring gear and your ring if you have one, if not there is a limited supply left see Dr. Rick to snag your before their gone!

Good luck to all and remember to have fun!!!Test time!




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