Adaptability vs. Static Techniques

Adaptability vs. Static Techniques

Adaptability vs. Static Techniques.

A static technique is one that can only be used in one way, in one range and only the way your training partner gives you the set up.

On the other hand a technique that has a high level of adaptability can be use in multiple ranges, in a multitude of different ways regardless of how your opponent attacks you.

If you’ve been in the Martial Arts or Self Defense long enough you’ve probably heard this story:

“I had been training for years and the very first time I got into a real confrontation, my moves didn’t work like they supposed to.”

Well, the reality is, real life is never quite like how you plan for it. A great quote for this is, “Every battle plan gets thrown out the window as soon as you engage the enemy.” If, goodness forbid, you ever need your training to defend yourself or a loved one, you want to have been as flexible as possible with your training.

If you love the kicking range, it’s almost a sure thing if your jumped it will be in the trapping or grappling range. If you love rolling then what happens if your in a knife fight?

Here at Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness we train as realistically as possible in a safe environment, flowing from one range of combat to another all the while being as adaptable as you can in every movement. Whether you train in the Kenpo,the DNA or the Kali classes, all of our systems emphasize being able to react to whatever the situation calls for.

Be safe and have a great day guys!!!


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