Fat Loss vs. Weight LossFat Loss vs. Weight Loss

So it’s an age old story, when someone wants to get in to better shape, it inevitable becomes an argument between Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

Weight Loss:

Most people think that the most effective tool to track their progress when they start an exercise routine is the scale. The thought is “the less I weigh, the better shape I’m in.” While it is true that you can see a reduction in how much you weigh when you first start working out, it is normally your body getting rid of excess water weight and fat actually accounts for very little of the pounds they lose.

Giving enough time the body will eventually level out and settle into a comfortable weight for the amount of exercise you’re doing. This is commonly known as hitting a plateau.


Fat Loss:

When you follow an effective work out program thats designed to keep your body guessing and to utilize not only cardio but strength and skill development as well, you start to see a loss of fat tissue.

The side effect of this is that in order to reduce the fat content you normally make gains in muscle tissue. Since muscle tissue is approximately 50% heavier than fat by volume, they may actually see an increase in how much they weigh.

This sends most people into a panic but if you use your belt loops or pants size to keep track of how far you’ve come, it becomes clear that working towards losing fat rather than focusing on weight is vastly more effective. Plus you see more definition and get a vast increase in health benefits as well.

So, remember when someone asks if you’ve lost weight what they really mean is “Have you lost fat?”


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