Part of taking pride in one’s self is having confidence in one’s self. Much of that can come from and be attributed to knowing that you are able to take care of yourself should a conflict or dangerous problem emerge. Martial Arts Fitness specialized in helping people attain confidence for any and every situation. We offer the functional and affordable self defense classes in Westminster and the surrounding areas.

Our Self Defense Lab is a highly efficient, multiple attacker, reality based system that is very helpful in tight places, against a wall, in a tight hallway, or sitting at a table. Because of its aggressive and powerful movements it is commonly used in law enforcement training and by bodyguards. If you are looking for training that will mentally and physically prepare you to master an opponent in real-life self defense situations then this is the class for you.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we welcome all levels of ability here at Martial Art Fitness. Our elite and professional staff of instructors make it a point to cater to your strengths and address your areas of weakness. At core of our mission is to empower people to reach their goals.

Instruction at Martial Arts Fitness comes in many different forms. We offer private instruction, small group private training, semi private training and one-on-one training. We encourage you to visit our website today and check out our extensive list and variety of training packages that we offer here at Martial Arts Fitness.

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