Getting those stubborn absGetting those stubborn abs

Everybody wants them…their the biggest sign of fitness…this week were going to chat about Getting those stubborn abs…

The common misconception is that a lot of steady cardio will get those abs to show, but if you have done this you know…it just doesn’t seem to help.

This is due to the fact that your body simply doesn’t like to use fat as a fuel source. The body has several different types of things it can use as fuel and fat cells are the least effective. It’s kinda like putting the lowest octane gas in your car, it’ll work but the car runs better with higher octanes. So your body will use these last if possible.

Your body also likes to keep stored fat just in case of an emergency. The best analogy I’ve heard for this is, “think of your fat cells like money in some ones savings account….it’s really hard to get people to take anything out of their savings account right?”

The way to get around this is to “trick” your body in spending those saving account fat cells.

Now the hard part is how?

Well, the fastest and easiest way is to spike your heart rate up and then let it come back down. This makes your body think “Oh, ok it’s only for a little bit so I’ll just go ahead and use those extra fat cells.”

Another way to achieve Getting those stubborn abs is to use as many different muscle groups as you can at the same time. This forces your body to use up as many fuel sources as it can without burning muscle mass. Since your using the muscles your body doesn’t want to burn them…

When you combine the two above methods, you can start to see a difference really quickly.

Have a great week guys and we’ll see ya in the gym!!!

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