Mr. P.’s own teacher, Hock Hochheim, is coming to Synergy Martial Arts to run a special two day seminar. This year’s focus will be “Way of the Filipino Combatant”.  Filipino martial arts (FMA) is know in particular for it’s knife and stick fighting focus.

Saturday December the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd.
Both sessions will be held from 9:30am to 4:00pm-ish each day.

$150 any one day
$200 for both days

BACKGROUND (a little about Mr. P’s instructor)
Hock Hochheim is a military vet, police vet, martial arts vet and prior private investigator and bodyguard, with 51 years experience in hand, stick, knife and gun problem-solving. This is his 27th year teaching in 11 countries a year. Hock’s taught his Force Necessary and PAC courses to thousands of people, been a paid consultant in every branch of the US Military, taught in police academies in the USA and as far as England, Ireland, South Africa, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Australia, as well as martial schools and military bases around the world. Find out why he is one of these rare few international, sought-after trainers worldwide!

People travel far and wide to see Hock
but this time he’ll be in our own backyard,
don’t miss this excellent training opportunity!

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