Kali Class

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Kali Class

Our Kali Method Class teaches a blended system of various Filipino styles covering empty hands, sticks, swords, improvised weapons and knife work. Thru a curriculum that covers standing, kneeling, sitting and ground work the Kali student learn a full range and all encompassing self defense system perfect for the realities of todays modern world.

The Kali Method involves a process of acquiring intelligence, health, fitness, artistry, and Martial Arts prowess through martial art disciplines from the Philippine archipelago.
At Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness, students are taught to embrace the art as a whole and they often continue this area of study for many years. If you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, the Kali Method will take you to another level of mental and physical discipline.

Many trainers believe in teaching the way only as it was taught to them and not to change anything in their curriculum. However, the Kali Method believes in the power that comes with being free and open to evolution. The survival, promotion, preservation, and evolution of the arts is thanks to our teachers, classmates, and all that have come before us.

Many of our Kali students cross train in our Tactical program, C-Tac, as well. The two disciplines are very similar but take a slightly different approach from each other. We have found that cross training in both of these styles have produced some amazing results in the students ability to adapt to any given defensive situation.

Kali Method practitioners are taught to respect the truths of others.
We invite you to come in and try it out! Call 303-650-5566, and mention ‘online special’ to receive FREE ratan fighting stick when you set up your introductory classes!




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