Never give up on your goals

Never give up on your goals

Never give up on your goals!

Everybody has a goal in mind, to learn how to protect yourself, to get into amazing shape, have their child preform better in school or to increase their self discipline or confidence.

No matter what your aspirations the single most important thing is to never give up on your goals, progress doesn’t come over night, nobody achieved what they wanted the first time out. It may take weeks, months or even years but the secret to reaching your destination is to continue to walk the path.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you’re feeling discouraged try thinking back to why you started in the first place, don’t feel like working out, remember the reason you decided to start. Have a pair of pants you want to be loose on you? Have a swimsuit sitting in the closet you’ve been to embarrassed to wear? Have a mud run you want to do? (By the way, Synergy has a team thats going to be running the Tough Mudder this year,the Shape Shifters, this might be great motivation and will definitely be loads of fun.) Or maybe you just want to get your first pull up.

Feeling burnt out on self defense training? Try thinking of the reasons you wanted to train in the first place. Did you want to protect your loved one if the worst should happen? Do you work late hours and have to walk to your car in a dark parking lot? Perhaps you work in an industry that has a risk factor like the medical or law enforcement fields.

Whatever your reason for starting, keep going, were behind you 100%!

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