quick reminders

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Quick reminders.

Hey guys!!!

Just a couple of quick reminders today:

The Kali Method Dumog seminar is next Saturday, if you’re planning on attending today is the last day to pre register and save $10. Go to the link below and register ASAP!


Also due to the seminar, all of the normal classes are going to be suspended next Saturday the 18th.

Next up, the Saturday Kali class is going to be moving to 9:30 a.m. starting on Saturday, November 8th, this is the first of some new and exciting changes coming to Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness for the new year.

And last but not least, DNA testing is just around the corner on Saturday the 25th during the normal class time, if you’re wanting to test double check with Dr. Rick to make sure your ready and maybe get a private or two in.

Heres hoping everyone is doing great and wishing everybody a great weekend!!!!


quick reminders

martial arts westminster arvada colorado


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