Real world self defense.

So why should I train in real world self defense you may be asking yourself, well the answer is easy, its better to know it and not need it than to need it and not know it.

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Real world self defense

The biggest benefit to training in a self defense system is knowing how to avoid any potential situation and having the confidence in knowing you can protect yourself should the worst case scenario happen.

Any decent training program will not only show you how to deal with someone trying to grab, strike or force you to go somewhere but will also show you how to recognize the tell tale signs that someone is going to try to do these things to you. Also a good self defense program will be based on how violence really happens, you should be training for multiple opponents, it should include environmental awareness and it should be based on a small number of highly effective techniques that can be used in a variety of different ways.

The programs here at Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness offer all of these attributes and more, whether you prefer the Defence Lab DNA program, the Kenpo Combatives system or the Kali Method, each one of these will prepare you for the street. Not to mention you will meet some of the most awesome people around to train with.

A major difference you’ll find here at Synergy Martial Arts and FitnessĀ is that everyone here is friendly, willing to help each other and always very encouraging, that combined with the fact that the Instructors are among the most experienced and highest ranked in town and you find yourself really looking forward to coming in for you’re training.

If your feeling ready to give it a try, to feel more confident and have some fun while learning a invaluable skill set
come on in and try out a full week FREE on us.

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