Self Defense AdaptabilitySelf Defense Adaptability

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So, today we’d like to share another one of Dr. Rick’s 12 universal principles for self defense and martial arts,¬†Self Defense Adaptability.

” Yes, I know, we as martial artist spend a significant amount of time learn techniques. We perfect them, we drill them countless times and just when we think we know them like the back of our hand…we totally mess them up in a stressful environment like sparring. But ya know what? Thats completely normal.

When we drill, unless the drills contain an element of chaotic stress, our techniques go right out the window as soon as our flight or fight response kicks in. But the good news is…thats okay. Almost ever technique we learn can be broken down and put back together in countless ways and will still work and at the end of the day…that’s all that matters in an self defense situation. Think of your techniques more as lego blocks than being set in stone.

For example, a hammer fist could just as easily be a chop or a cross instead, that ultra cool take down doesn’t necessarily have to come right at the end of a specific set up, as long as the opponent is off balance and distracted, you have the right biomechanics…odds are you’ll be able to preform the takedown anyway. When you’re drilling, think of several different ways that the drill could be executed.

Now thats not to say you shouldn’t put in the reps for the technique, some of our systems require a certain pattern for rank test, but instead of getting caught up in exact order of a drill or technique instead think of the reason for it, what is the anatomy, physics and biomechanics that make this movement work and how can I use that to be able to do this under pressure.

To quote a childhood hero of mine:

“Be like water my friend.” Bruce Lee

If you can get at the heart of a technique then you can mix and match that move till you can preform it without even having to think about it.”

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