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Hello one and all! Today we are going to get into the Self Defense Mindset.

In our opinion, the Self Defense Mindset is the single most important part of any self defense training. You can learn hundred and hundred of techniques, but when it really comes down to it, it’s the mental outlook that really matters.

So, what is the Self Defense Mindset?

In the simplest terms the Self Defense Mindset is basically the ability to overcome the first initial fear of a confrontation. It’s basic human nature to “freeze up” when an altercation occurs. Let’s face it, getting into fights are not an everyday normal thing for the majority of people. When presented with the new stimuli of being attacked violently and chaotically the human nervous system seizes up and there’s a small amount of time where people can’t react and that small amount of time is amazingly important!

One way you can get around this is train chaotically. If you’re doing the same drill the same way over and over and over again without any variation or stress your predetermined to not be able to do that technique any other way but the one way you drilled it. Pretty much every bad guy out there will not cooperate with you and only attack you the way you want them too…we know we checked. So when you’re training try to make the technique as adaptable as possible. The absolute best way is to try to keep the number of techniques you work on small and highly adaptable. (Ask Dr. Rick about the multi tool concept next time your in.)

Another aspect of the Self Defense Mindset is to keep your awareness up when you’re going thru your daily life.

By just scanning and paying a little bit of attention to your environment, you can greatly increase your percentage chance of seeing an attack coming. This will significantly cut that initial freeze time down, possibly eliminating it completely. Try to get in some awareness training as often as you can. Our C-Tac tactical self defense class excels at this with awareness drills built into every technique.

Alrighty guys, hope you found this helpful and we’ll see you in the gym!

Side note:

Memorial Day is rapidly coming up on Monday the 29th and the gym will be closed to observed the holiday.

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