When you should and shouldn’t workout and trainWhen you should and shouldn't workout and train

Hello all, this week we are going to go over When you should and shouldn’t workout and train.

First off let’s talk about when you shouldn’t workout.

The most common reason to skip a workout is if your feeling under the weather.

If your running a fever or feeling nauseous then yeah, it’s a good idea to go ahead and stay home. A fever obviously means your body is running at a higher temperature than normal so elevating¬† it with a workout is not the best of ideas.

If your feeling nauseous then that is also an indicator that you should probably call off. Moving around will irritate your stomach and make it worst.

Now when should you go ahead and come on in.

If you are dealing with a cold or cough, it’s a good idea to go ahead and try to power thru a workout.

The elevated heart rate will get your immune system revved up and produce more white blood cells to combat the infection. Also the higher body temperature will liquefy and congestion and make it easier to get out of your body…gross but helpful lol.

Also the endorphin release will help make you feel better.

Ok next up the technique classes.

You should totally come in as much as possible to develop your skills. And, as we’re sure you noticed, hitting pads, bags and training partners is one of the biggest stress relievers on the planet. That’s why we do so much of it in the HiitFit classes.

Now if your feeling sick in any way, shape or form you should not come in to the technique classes. The close proximity you have with your training partners means you will absolutely spread it around. It’s just common courtesy.

Ok guys, hope you found this useful and we’ll see you in the gym!!!





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