Stress drillsStress drills

How’s it going guys? Today we’d like to talk about why Stress drills are a must have in your training.

First let’s chat a little bit about what a Stress drills is.

A Stress drills is any thing that takes a technique or movement and puts it into a high pressure environment. Whether it’s not knowing what attack is coming, who the attack is coming from or our personal favorite… the predator drill, where your under constant attackĀ  and train to be able to deal with multiple opponents.

These drills let you know how your body will act during a confrontation, elevated heart rate, tunnel vision, shortness of breath and will let you train while in a heightened adrenaline state. Or to put it more simply, how you would react to a fight or flight situation.

The major benefit of adding in Stress drills is that they give you a “real world” idea of how those techniques would work. If a move can’t be pulled off a high percentage of the time during a stress drill, then it’s pretty much a guarantee that it wouldn’t in a fight.

A good example of this is you can perry or block a punch pretty much every time while doing drills in class but remember the first time you sparred? Didn’t quite work out the same way did it?…LOL. That’s simply because you didn’t know where the punch was coming from, when the punch was coming or what your partner had in mind.

Some ways you can add Stress drills to your train is to spar, vary the timing so you don’t know when the attack is coming, have multiple training partners (this is by far the most realistic of them all) or by simply not knowing what’s going to be coming in.

Try some of these ideas out and you’ll notice you will get more comfortable with your techniques, see which ones work and which ones don’t and a really cool little side benefit is that they make your reaction time speed up.

Side note, remember guys, Labor Day is coming up and the gym will be closed in observance of the holiday. Also the fitness class the Saturday before will be cancelled as well.

Have a great week guys and we’ll see you in the gym!!!

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