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Should you consider adding Tactical training to you’re training?

With the way our society is nowadays, this is a very valid question. Firearms are becoming more of a threat and becoming more common all the time. Even if your ahead of the curve and already training in the Martial Arts or Self Defense who should consider if your current system includes not only effective anti firearm techniques but if it teaches you what to do after you have taken the gun away or taken it out of play. This is a huge hole in most systems.

It is for this reason we would strongly agree that yes you should add a Tactical training class to you’re training schedule.

Some things to look for in a Tactical training class are:

  1. Does the techniques you’re learning work while under pressure?

Every disarm and technique work while you’re training with a willing partner in a nice wide open space, but will they work while      you’re under stress? Around an obstacle? While trying to protect a loved one? If not, the moves you are learning might not be up to the task when push comes to shove…

2. Does the training account for physical differences between the attacker and you?

A lot of what’s out there is the Tactical training field will work beautifully for a big strong male, but what about a female? Against someone who is much larger and/or stronger than you? Does the training utilize leverage or strength? Are you “taking the weapon away” or “receiving the weapon” from an intelligent application of physics and leverage? Receiving the weapon is much, much easier for a small person to accomplish.

3. How complicated are the techniques?

Am I having to learn dozens if not hundreds of movements to completely protect myself? Can I use the same concept I’ve learned in multiple different ways? Can I remember and preform the moves quickly and efficiently under the fight or flight response? We here at Synergy firmly believe in the multi tool concept or having a small number of go to moves that are adaptable, simple and can be used in a variety of different situations.

4. Is there free play involved in the Tactical training? (In our opinion this is the most important one.)

Does the instruction include at least a little bit of “free play”? Are the techniques set in stone? Does the instructor criticize you if you don’t do the technique exactly as they do? Is there enough adaptability and flexibility in the training to allow you to make it work for you? Honestly if you’re taking a Tactical training or Self Defense class the most important thing during drills is to make it work regardless of if it’s the exact technique or not…as long as you survived the scenario.

So, keeping these things in mind, if you decide to try Tactical training come try out the C-Tac class on Thursdays.

Have a great week guys!




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