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Hi there everyone! This week we thought we’d take a little bit of time to go over a few easy, little Training Tips you can¬†incorporate into you’re training to make it more effective.

To insure you get the most realistic training possible, you will want to try to come as close to real combat as possible safely. Some of these are things you can do yourself while some you will need to ask your training partner to do for you.

#1 Always keep in mind there could be multiple attackers.

Whenever you are doing a technique in self defense, no matter what it is, always train it with the thought that your bad guy could, and most likely will, have a buddy ready to jump into the fight.

Training Tips:

Always scan your surroundings to check for other possible threats.

Keep yourself covered as effectively as you can while preforming the technique. We went into this more in depth last week.

Place bad guy number one between you and bad guy number two.

#2 The myth of the statue

A vast majority of self defense systems have you drill with your partner leaving out an attack. Now this is a good way to first learn a technique, however, if this is the only way you train you’ll be in for a huge surprise when the bad guy starts to retract their strikes.

Training Tips:

Once you’ve gotten the hang of a technique, either defensive or offensive, ask your partner to start retracting their attack so you can develop the correct timing, distancing and “feel” of the move.

Stress test it. Again, once your comfortable with the move, request your partner try to give you some resistance. Not only will this make you more adaptable but will also closely simulate real encounters.

Make sure that when you’re drilling that your partner is within actual striking range. If your partner is unable to touch you while working on the technique then again your timing, distancing and “feel” will be off and the middle of a real fight is not a good time to hafta adjust that.

#3 Always be mindful of your environment

Most of the self defense methods out there have you drill only in the middle of a nice, soft matted room. If you’re not working on things like break falls on hard floors, obstacles, chairs, tables, walls etc. then you won’t actually be prepared for the real world outside of the school.

Training Tips:

Get outside of your comfort zone and test your break falls on a harder surface. If it isn’t working, modify it so it does.

Get in as much environmental training as you can. Whether it’s working on defending yourself in an elevator or in a booth at a restaurant, if you’re not drilling these scenarios you’re leaving yourself wide open for the majority of real life attacks.

Try to get in as much training as you can against a wall, sitting in a chair, in a car or wherever your movement is restricted. It’s remarkably eye opening how much not being able to have a full range of motion can decrease most techniques ability to work.

Alrighty guys, there you have 9 quick, easy things to add into your training. We here at Synergy are 100% committed to giving you the best possible self defense training and the highest possible chance of making it out of an encounter.

Side note, Memorial Day is coming up and the gym will be closed in observance of the Holiday. Have a great week guys!!!

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