Why do weapons trainingWhy do weapons training

Hi there guys, hope your having a great week! Today we would like to chat a bit about Why do weapons training.

Well, there are numerous reasons why weapon training can help improve your training.

First, weapon training can significantly increase your hand to eye coordination, even faster then drills or even pad work. By using the same basic patterns and concepts with a weapon as you would empty handed your empty hands training gets a lot better a lot faster.

Second, weapon training speeds up your reaction time. Ever see the movie Dodge Ball? Remember the scene where the coach said if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball? Well it’s true. Now as you know we don’t throw wrenches at each other but learning the basic body mechanics to avoid getting hit by a weapon easily translate to empty hands as well. Weapons like sticks come at us much much faster than a punch or a kick ever could, so by learning how to keep from getting hit with them, hands and feet seem to come at us in slow motion.

Third, every system around has at least one knife and/or stick disarm. Some also include firearm defenses as well. If you are actually able to pull off a disarm against a unwilling attacker, you will definitely need to be at minimum familiar with the use of that weapon. If not you might actually find yourself at even more of a disadvantage than if you were not armed.

Fourth, Bruce Lee was a huge fan of the Filipino Martial Arts after being shown them by Dan Inosanto. If the Dragon thought weapons were an important part of training…we’re inclined to believe him…LOL

Quick reminder, Labor Day is coming up in a couple weeks and the gym will be closed the Monday of. Also no fitness class the Saturday before.

Okay guys, have a great weekend and we’ll see you in the gym!!!




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