Workout motivationWorkout motivation

Hey there, so with summer fast approaching we thought we would share some Workout motivation tips and tricks today.

Even though it’s getting to be bathing suit season, when everyone is wanting to look their best, this can be one of the hardest times of year to stay focused and on track with your workout schedule. What with B.B.Q.s, summer vacations and outdoor parties galore during the summer it can some times feel like theres just no way to keep working on your goals during these months.

So in order to keep your Workout motivation high, try out some of these quick and easy ways to help yourself keep on track.

1.Keep a workout log/journal.

By keeping track of how often you get a workout in you’ll be much more likely to stick to it. Nowadays the easiest way of doing this is too keep a record of your workouts in your phone. You don’t need to use your phone, you could keep a three ring binder, a small note pad or one of our favorite tricks in use a post it on your bathroom mirror.

2.Make plans after your workout to go do something fun with your workout partners.

If you make a commitment to meet up with some people to workout and go play for a bit it becomes much more of a priority to make it there. You could go grab a quick healthy bite to eat or a smoothie after class. Plan to check out that new movie you’ve been wanting to see or even somethings as simple as running a fast errand together.

3.Keep a food journal along with your workout log.

One of the fastest ways to “scare” yourself back on track is too take a look at what you’ve been eating. With all the warm weather festivities going on right now, it is pretty easy to lose track of what you’ve been taking in. By writing or typing what you have been consuming work outs look more and more like a good idea…LOL.

4.Hire a personal trainer.

There’s nothing quite like knowing there’s someone waiting on you to make in into the gym who has put a lot of thought and effort into your progress to get your Workout motivation sky high. Not only does this keep you accountable but since workouts are their specialty you’ll see a lot of gains a lot faster than normal. (see Dr. Rick for more on how personal training can help you out)

And there ya go. Some easy ways to keep making progress towards your goals during this difficult time of year. Stay the course, make your Workout motivation as high a priority as you can and keep working on whatever your goals happen to be.

Have a great week guys and we’ll see you in the gym!!!

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