5 Reasons to take up Martial Arts8 Reasons to take up Martial Arts

Hey all, today were going to talk about the 5 Reasons to take up Martial Arts.Also we got some announcements so make sure you make it to the bottom.

1. Self Esteem

Few things can give the sense of accomplishment that studying a Martial Art can. With a built in goal oriented ranking system, nothing compares to getting that bright, shiny new rank band or belt. The Arts gives a reward for all of your hard work and especially with kids can develop a strong work ethic.


2. Determination

Let’s face it, any good Martial Art or Self Defense system is going to push you out of your comfort zone. Way out, like really far out. It’s going to be tiring, it’s going to be frustrating and in the end it’s going to totally be worth it. Training gives you an iron will to push through all of that and before you know it…you got that technique, you’ve earned that goal rank. Normally someone else will notice your improvement before you will and it’s just awesome to have somebody come up and say “Wow, you’re looking really good!”


3. Respect

Any good school teaches a level of respect that honestly is just rare in this day and age. From bowing into class to helping you’re training partner up after a take down Martial Artist have a sense of old school respect that is, in our humble opinion, is something that is to be encouraged, cultivated and one of the best attributes to have.


4. Focus

When you start training in a Martial Art or Self Defense system, you’re taking on a whole new level of learning. Much like taking an after school class for kids or a college course for adults you open yourself to a exciting new area of study. Unlike just reading or taking an online class, which we believe is fantastic in its own right” training engages both your mind and your body so you get a brand new set of neural pathways that can result in laser like focus and carries over into several ares of life.


5. Fitness

Let’s be honest, almost all of us spend way too much time either sitting behind a desk or running around on our feet all day long. Neither one of these are good for us. By taking up a Martial Art you expose your body to a new way of moving that is very beneficial to you. By learning and practicing new physical motions you can significantly relieve the day to day normal aches and pains from life. Also the amount of calories burned by hitting a bag, focus mitts or your partner (LOL) is one of the most highest of any workout program.



So there you go the top 5 Reasons to take up Martial Arts, some pretty nice perks along with learning how to defend yourself.


And now the weekly announcements:

On Saturday, May 28th the next kids karate and adult tactecs testing will be taking place at the normal class times.

Kali is testing next in June followed by KDM in July.

Also Memorial Day in coming up on Monday the 30th and in observance of the holiday Synergy will be closed but were right back to it on the following Tuesday.

Alright guys, have an amazing week and remember you rock!!!




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