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Hey everyone, today we’d like to talk about our new Civilian Tactical Training program C-Tac.


From Atlanta Martial Art Center:

What is C‐Tac?

Turn on any TV, watch the news and you will see how changes in today’s world and in our culture are creating the need for information and training that exceeds what a normal martial art school or Karate program has to offer. The many benefits of martial arts in our culture has been proven over time and is more than can be mentioned here, but today’s martial arts community simply does not offer the experience, background or knowledge needed to effectively meet the needs in industries that need more narrow, specialized applications. Many “self‐defense” instructors out there today received their certification to teach by attending a three‐day weekend seminar. Many groups in the martial arts that call themselves “martial arts practitioners” claim to offer solutions for today’s needs but when you peel back the layers of the so‐called “realistic programs,” they generally turn out to be just well‐marketed nonsense that was pieced together in order to have something to sell to the unknowing civilian.

What will C‐Tac do for you?

C‐Tac will give you a well‐rounded effective personal protection plan that will cover intelligent threat assessment and planning, basic firearm use and close quarter manipulation (Disarms, Weapon Retention), effective and realistic defensive tactics (Self‐Defense) that will work in multiple environments including hallways, doorways, ground fighting, and in and around motor vehicles ‐ just to name a few. You will study the urban weapons program that will teach you how to take everyday objects that are around you and use them as tools in a threatening encounter. Also as part of the urban weapons program is how to use a bladed weapon or how to defend against the bladed weapon if someone attempts to use one on you.

C-Tac classes are held on Thursdays at 7:30 and are done as a specialty seminar once every quarter.

Alrighty guys have a wonderful week and we’ll see ya soon!

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