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Hey there guys,

Hope you’re staying nice and warm this chilly Wednesday.

So there’s a lot going on this next month here at Synergy,

First off were hosting one of the Legendary European Masters Dakilang Guro Jeff Espinous for a special seminar in the art of Kali Sikaran on Saturday November 7th.

Here’s the details,Coming soon to a Dojo near you


Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness

3049-A W. 74th Westminster


Saturday, November the 7th

1-5 p.m.


Crashing the line with the stick

Panantukan Workout w/ Focus Mitts

Silat Beladiri Drill to Street Application


Only $50 to train with one of the best in the world!

To preregister contact:

Katulong Guro Linda Brooks


And then later next month, Synergy is proud to offering an Active Shooter Response Course.

In light of the alarming increase in active shooter incidents were going to be offering a seminar specifically designed an intelligent set of “multi tools” to enable the public to give the most effective defense to an attack involving a firearm.

This is the same course giving to numerous Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Personnel and Security Professionals.

Topics:Coming soon to a Dojo near you

Threats from the front, side and rear

Third Party Protection

The most effective body mechanics to move into and out of cover and concealment

The difference between cover and concealment


Same as above


Saturday, November 21st

2-4 p.m.

Equipment needed:

Training Gun (if possible)

Clothing that allows for freedom of movement


$25 Preregistration

$40 at the door

(Note the normal cost for this course is $1000 however, as a public service were offering it at this extremely discounted rate.)

So, let anyone who might want to come out and take advantage of these world class seminars know about them and as always…you guys are awesome!!!

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