Field Trip!Field Trip!

Hey everyone, it’s almost time for another Synergy¬†Field Trip!

This Saturday the 9th, were going over to the AMC Promenade on Church Ranch Rd./104th just off the 36 Highway to go and see Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron.

The theater could not give us an exact time yet but they are planning to have a showing tentatively at 4:20 Saturday afternoon. Now fair warning this might change between now and then but the theater said it would only be a diffrence of a maximum of 20 minutes.

So the game plan is to have everyone meet outside the front of the theater at 4:00 and see the next showing.

Bring your friends and family and come out to have a great time with your training family, again if nothing else you can see Dr. Rick and Mr. P in street wear….it’s a rare occurrence…

Side notes:

Shape Shifters DNA testing in coming up soon but due to the US Conference all of the Instructors are going to were going to push it back just a little bit to July.

Also…I couldn’t find a good Avengers picture so…here’s some ninja monkeys instead…

Have a great guys and please if you can come and play Saturday!!!

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