Sifu LaVonne Martin and Sifu Alan Baker


Love them or hate them, firearms are here to stay. So that fact begs the question “Should my training involve firearms?”

Well, without getting into a huge debate about them the short answer is that yes your training should include at the bare minimum a basic understanding of how to defend yourself from an attack with a firearm and how to use it to defend yourself.

Whatever system of self defense you train in most likely has a few techniques to deal with a firearm. They normally include a threat from the front, side and the rear. But ask yourself the question “Does my system include what I should do after I’ve disarmed the gunman?” This is unfortunately a major issue when training in self defense. The majority of training programs available don’t have drills to let you understand the basics of how to utilize a firearm. At least you should have drills on how to hold the firearm, how to retain the weapon and in the worst case scenario how to fire it.

Additionally, we highly recommend that you become familiar with the basic differences in firearms. Whats the major difference in a revolver verses an automatic? What do I need to do to disarm a rifle or shotgun? Can I use the same technique on a hand gun as a long gun? It is in our opinion vitally important to be able to answer these questions.

All of the self defense systems here at Synergy can help you to find those answers. There are basic gun defenses in Tac Tec, universal principle and kinetic based drills in Kinetix Defensive Method but the system that really shines when addressing this problem is C-Tac.

C-Tac is the main Tactical program at Synergy. Based on utilizing the most intelligent answer to the questions that the most common attacks ask, C-Tac blends together empty hand, knife and firearms into one simple to learn and highly effective system. Created by Sifu Alan Baker who is frequently called upon to train SWAT, DOD and security personnel, he has also trained the California Highway Patrol and too many other agencies to count. Sifu Baker is also the owner of the Atlanta Martial Arts Center and AMAC Tactical.

If you want to be able to answer the question that firearms presents, we simply can’t recommend C-Tac enough.

Okay guys, have a wonderful week and we can’t wait to see you in the gym!

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