With Test time coming, we thought it’d be a good time to take a minute and talk about Goal Setting.

Goal Setting

Having a goal in mind is a wonderful way to keep yourself motivated and to keep improving.

Martial Arts are perfect for this since there are several levels or belts to keep you challenged and to keep you continually moving forward.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re setting your goals, whether fitness or self defense based, is that no one is in competition with each other. Everyone who is training or working out is only competing against themselves. The reason most people don’t reach the level they’re looking for is that they continuously compare themselves to someone else. No two people are exactly alike, some have strengths who don’t and some don’t have the gifts that you do but when all is said and done the only way to really improve is to strive to be the absolute best that you can be.

And just a friendly reminder, testing this Saturday, the fitness class is on as always but all the other classes will be suspended for the test. Even if your not testing this time out, come on in and join us for lunch at Guadalajara mexican restaurant  @ 1:30ish after wards.

Good luck everybody, were so proud of all of you!!!



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