Keeping those New Year Resolutions going

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Keeping those New Year Resolutions going

Hey guys, so this week we here at Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness wanted to give you some tips on how to Keeping those New Year Resolutions going!

Almost everyone has been there, you make a few resolutions for New Year’s Eve and you hit the ground running but after a few weeks, maybe a month or perhaps even a few months you start to lose steam. Maybe your job has gotten really busy, could be that you picked up a cold or the flu or you just find your motivation to go hit a workout is not quite as strong as the urge to hit a drive thru and watch netflix all evening…

No matter whats happened to your desire to make this the year you get into the best shape of your life, it’s not too late…there is hope to rekindle that motivation.

Here are some easy ways to keep on track:

1. Keep a training journal:

Write down how many times you hit the gym in a week and reread it every Friday.

2. Keep a food journal

Write down everything you eat or drink, including supplements, and also reread it every Friday.

3. Make friends at the gym and plan to go do something fun after your workout.

Maybe go out for a healthy dinner or go see a movie.

4. Decide on a small reward to treat yourself to if you hit your goals during the week.

If you get in every workout you planned to in a week perhaps get a small treat for yourself on the weekend…(don’t tell           anyone but a small ice cream is all right if it’s only once in a while)

Doing these simply little tricks, believe it or not, do really help with keeping your motivation up and can actually make a significant difference.

We here at Synergy want to see you hit your goals and are always here to help out if you need it!


And now for something completely different:

First, TESTING THIS SATURDAY!!! Kids Karate and TacTecs are having their next belt test this coming Saturday the 30th during the normal class times. From how everyone has been killing it in class we are expecting this is going to be a fantastic test.

Second, Synergy is hosting a “Defend your life from an attack with a knife” specialty seminar in March. The main focus of this course is how to most effectively increase your chances to survive an attack from a blade wielding bad guy while your unarmed. Topics include, threats, slashes, stabs and third party protection (defending a loved one from the same attacks).

More info coming soon on this awesome specialty course.

Alrighty all, you have a wonderful week and remember…YOU ROCK!!!


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