Learn Self Defense at Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness,

Learn Self Defense at Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness, Westminster, CO

Are you looking to learn self defense skills. Our Instructors will provide you with all the skills necessary to defend yourself if necessary. Learn Self Defense – Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness, Westminster, CO

Learn Self Defense with Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness

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We have some of the best instructors in Colorado and can train in many forms and martial arts practices.


Many styles of martial arts are practiced for self-defense or include self-defense techniques. Some styles train primarily for self-defense, while other martial or combat sports can be effectively applied for self-defense. Some martial arts train how to escape from a gun situation, or how to break away from a punch, while others train how to attack. To provide more practical self-defense, many modern day martial arts schools now use a combination of martial arts styles and techniques, and will often customize self-defense training to suit the participants’ lifestyles, occupations, age groups and gender, and physical and mental capabilities.


Being aware of and avoiding potentially dangerous situations is one useful technique of self-defense. Attackers are typically larger, stronger, and are often armed or have an accomplice. These factors make fighting to defeat the attacker unlikely to succeed. When avoidance is impossible, one often has a better chance at fighting to escape, such methods have been referred to as ‘break away’ techniques.

Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness wants to help you design and implement an affordable Martial Arts practice in your life. Check us out and sign up for a class to help you be more aware, strengthen your mind and body and always be prepared with confidence for any situation. We have a plethora of martial arts classes and training styles for you to choose from. Most of all have fun and enjoy your life to its fullest.

Learn Self Defense – Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness, Westminster, CO

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