Legal Considerations for Self-Defense PractitionersLegal Considerations for Self-Defense Practitioners

Hey everyone, continuing with our specialty in house seminar series is the Legal Considerations for Self-Defense Practitioners  lecture. See below for the info and be sure to bring a notebook and pen.


Alastair McNiven (Mr. P.’s primary martial arts instructor) is currently a Night-shift Patrol Sergeant with the Boulder Police Department. In addition to the duties associated with this position, he is an Assistant Commander of the Boulder PD SWAT Team. While the bulk of his time with Boulder PD, since January, 1999 has been spent on patrol, for 5 years he was assigned to the Boulder County Drug Task Force as a Narcotics Officer. He’s coming to our school to present some legal considerations that a self-defense practitioner should have in mind when choosing to use force against an assailant.

These topics will include:

-responses to varying threat levels: will your actions be viewed as reasonable?
-suggestions on what to do immediately following an incident
-weighing up your “right to remain silent” against providing the Police with your version of events
-a brief overview of potential criminal and civil penalties that may result from your actions
-and more!

Here, at Synergy Martial Arts!

Saturday February 21st at 3pm

Only $20 preregistration and $25 the day of!

Arm yourself with information.
Don’t miss out on this crucial step in self-defense preparedness.

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