New Shirts are coming!!!New Shirts are coming!!!

Hey guys, good news, the new shirts are coming soon.

Due to the popularity of the last design, were bringing the same design back with some red highlights. (See picture)

We know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for the cool new designs to be back in stock in your size, well heres your chance.

As always shirts are five dollars off on test days, the next one is October 25th for the DNA program, but since you all are so awesome and were so proud of how everyone did on their last Kenpo test, were offering five dollars off if you come in and pre purchase your shirt.

Once the shirts arrive their going to be regular price until test day though, so come in and save five bucks!

Also remember were having the founder of the Kali Method out on the 18th of October for a seminar, if you pre register its ten dollar off.

Heres the link to get registered early:

Once again guys were so proud of how everyone did on Saturday, ya’ll ROCK!!!


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