Nutrition, where to start?Nutrition, where to start?

It’s a question we here at Synergy hear a lot. Nutrition, where to start? With the amazing amount of information out there about nutrition, it can be extremely overwhelming. One report says this another says that and it seems that every newest and latest thing out there is saying the complete opposite of the last…

So it does beg the question…Nutrition, where to start?

Well, here are some quick basic rules that will help you get started:

“If it has a drive thru don’t eat there.”

Fast food really should be called “fat” food. With how fast food is prepared, frozen and reheated most if not all the nutritional value of food is removed so in essence you’re eating nothing but “empty” calories.

“Shop on the outside of the grocery store.”

As a general rule, you want to consume food that has as little processing as possible. In other words you ideally want what you eat to be as close to it’s natural state as you can get it. The stuff in the middle aisles that normally come in a box or wrapped in plastic have been processed so much that once again you’re not getting the nutritional value out of it.

“Everything in moderation.”

I promise the world won’t end if you find yourself eating a sundae or piece of cheese cake once in a while. As long as your stick to clean/whole food the majority of the time you will be ok. In fact living in the society and culture we do, it’s almost impossible to say no to the temptation of “cheat” foods every single time. So plan for it. The best way to do this that we’ve come across is take one day a week and go for it…pancakes for breakfast, chili burgers for lunch and go ahead and order that pizza for dinner. Another option, that makes it easier to handle the cravings, is to pick two meals thru out the week and have whatever your heart desires. As long as you can keep the “cheating” down and eat healthy the majority of the time, you’ll still see some amazing results.

So hope this answers the question, Nutrition, where to start? And helps you to start thinking about how you can make some changes to sky rocket your progress.

And now for the announcements:

TacTec and Kids Karate testing is this Saturday the 19th at the normal class times. Break a leg guys, we know your going to smash it!

And speaking of testing…the Kinetix Defensive Method will be testing on Thursday the 30th also at the normal class time.

Last but certainly not least, Synergy has introduced a new class on Thursdays at 7:30. C-Tac or Civilian Tactical is the main Tactical program here at Synergy and offers drills and scenario training that is simply second to none. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

Alrighty all, have a wonderful week and we’ll catch ya later!!!!

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