Reality of Knife FightsReality of Knife Fights

Hi everyone, this time around we’d like to talk about the Reality of Knife Fights and how you can best prepare for the worst case scenario.

So the Reality of Knife Fights is your most likely not going to have your weapon out and be all set and ready to go. Odds are you’ll probably need to withdraw your own blade after the first initial attack has already occurred. Statics have shown that the majority of knife fights start off with the attacker blitzing the victim. So what can we do to increase our chances of defending ourselves when (hopefully never) that happens?

Well, first and foremost we can do stress drills and scenario role playing to become more aware. In other words, we can simulate these situations as closely as possible to develop muscle and nervous system memory to dramatically cut the “deer in headlights” pause to the lowest possible minimum. Another great way to increase your percentages and one of our favorites in C-Tac and Kali is to learn and drill techniques that start off with your weapon in your pocket. Basically this means the good guy starts off unarmed when the attack starts and uses empty handed techniques to defend themselves until they can deploy their own weapon. Putting yourself in these situational drills can greatly heighten your response time, your ability to survive the first attack and gives the best possible percentage chance of success.

When you’re talking about the Reality of Knife Fights you’ve got to keep in mind that the knife is one of, if not the fastest, non ballistic weapons. Someone who is comfortable with a knife or shank can move the blade remarkably quickly and can inflict a terrifying amount of trauma in a very short time. There are several videos out there on just how fast a knife fighter can attack. More often then not they can slash or stab several times before a firearm can even be drawn let alone aimed and fired. The only intelligent answer to the Reality of Knife Fights question is to be able to utilize unarmed moves to allow you enough time to be able to arm yourself.

And now for something completely different…

Kids Karate and Tactecs will be testing next weekend on Sat. the 28th at the normal class times, with Kali following next month and then Kinetix Defensive Method in July.

And a heads up about Memorial Day, the gym will be closed in honor of the holiday.

And last but not least, the C-Tac and 6:30 a.m. HitFit class on Thursday will be cancelled next week due to Dr. Rick and the C-tac assistants being out in Atlanta at Atlanta Martial Arts Center to further their training in order to bring you the latest in cutting edge self defense techniques.

Okie Dokie guys, have a wonderful week and we’ll see you in the gym!!!

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