A Seminar at Synergy!

My instructor, Hock Hochheim, is coming to Synergy June 12th & 13th! This year's focus is FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) which focuses on knife, stick and unarmed combatives. Hock travels the world sharing knowledge and this time he'll be in our own backyard; don't...

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Private Lesson Training

At this time business regulations, for operation during the Covid-19 pandemic, are such that I feel private lessons are still the best approach; a great way to learn with the highest levels of safety. So for now I’m continuing with the one-on-one lessons (as opposed...

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Beginning Saturday, May the 9th, I will be teaching in person with private lessons!  One-on-one instruction is an amazing way to learn because you receive the benefits of personal undivided focus from the teacher! To get started call or text me at 303-650-5566. Can’t...

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