Second Universal Principle and Testing!Second Universal Principle and Testing!

Hey there everyone!

So today we’d like to take a moment to talk about the second of Dr. Ricks Universal Principle and testing coming up this weekend.

First off Dr. RicksĀ Second Universal Principle, Body Mechanics and Manipulation:

Body mechanics basically refer to the way the human body moves when striking, being struck and moving in both an offensive and defensive manner.

A perfect example of a defensive body mechanic is the slip. The slip is found is nearly ever system of combat on the planet from boxing to Kali, a slip is when you move your head to the side, crunch your body and “blade” your shoulders to avoid a incoming straight punch.

A really good example of manipulating an opponents body would be a eye strike. No matter someones level of training the human nervous system is hardwired to flinch and move the head away to protect the eyes. So you can utilize this reaction to set up a finishing strike or anything that the situation warrants.

Another great example of this principle would be the dumogs from Kali. Commonly referred to as the push/pull concepts, dumogs are a “breaking” of the balance points (see last blog about the Universal Principles) by pushing on one joint while pulling on another. This results in a loss of balance and what makes the take downs and throws in the Filipino Martial Arts so effective and easy to utilize under stress and with a non cooperative opponent.

In summary, if you can learn how the body moves in combat you can move an attacker around much easier.


Testing this Saturday!!!

All levels of TacTecs is testing tomorrow Saturday the 30th. Come out get that next rank or cheer on your Synergy family!

All test will be conducted at the normal class times.

Good luck to everyone testing and have a great weekend all!!!


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