Summer is coming!Summer is coming!

Hey everybody, I know it hard to believe with the forecast for snow tomorrow but Summer is coming!

Right now is when beach bodies are made, with it being three months till bathing suit season, this is when you can start to make significant changes to your physique.

With two different fitness classes we have here at Synergy, the HitFit fat melting, body sculpting, metabolic raising cardio kickboxing classes will shed unwanted fat tissue and tone those muscle that everybody want to work on.

With not only a 800 – 1200 calorie average burn per half hour class, the HitFit class is also scientifically designed to keep your metabolism burning in overdrive for a minimum of 24 hours after class. Theres just something really cool about burning extra fat calories for free for a full day after working out isn’t there?

And there’s also the muscle building, strength enhancing, performance increasing NuYu bootcamp.

NuYu is an athletic performance functional strength and conditioning class that takes the cream of the crop of Gymnastics, Kettlebell and Olympic and Power Lifts to give you the fastest and most effective workout in the shortest amount of time possible. Also designed to keep your metabolism up for a minimum of 24 hours, NuYu will also put on lean, useful muscle mass, increase stamina and flexibility and give you a whole new set of balance and movement skills.

Come in and get ready for Summer!


Kids Testing this Saturday @ 10:30 for beginners and 12:30 for intermediate


The MBC seminar taught by the founder Michael Janich is this Saturday @ 2 – 6, register ASAP and come out and play!

Thanks guys and have a great weekend!

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