Hey guys, with the Holiday coming up we thought it might be a good time to talk about the traditional Thanksgiving over stuffing.

Now, yes we know, we’re always saying here at the gym how important nutrition is to achieving your goals but we want you to know…

It’s okay to splurge on Thanksgiving!!!

Yes, you can’t out train a bad diet…no it’s not possible to out run a doughnut or out lift an XL double cheese pizza…but it’s okay, you can relax. Every single effective diet plan on the planet has a “cheat” day included in it. Without the occasional indulgence there’s just no way any one can stick to a nutrition plan. It’s simply to difficult in our society where we’re constantly bombarded by temptation.

So on this Thanksgiving, just relax, go ahead and have that slice of pumpkin pie and go into that turkey coma…just bear in mind that you’re taking one day to celebrate and get back on your plan as soon as the holiday is over.

Now having said that, here’s a couple of things you can do to help minimize the damage…

  1. Have a large glass of water before diving into the Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. Immediately after you’ve finished eating, go for a family stroll. By going for a walk after your finished eating, you can burn at least some of the megaton of calories you’ve taken in.
  3. If you can refrain, try breaking up the feast into several smaller portions a couple of hours apart. This will let your body digest the Thanksgiving splurging better and your body will have a chance to pull out the nutrients it needs instead of just putting the over load into storage (fat cells).

Try those out and remember guys, don’t feel guilty for taking a cheat day every now and then, Rome wasn’t built in a day and taking one day off won’t destroy your progress…just watch those leftovers…LOL.

Now for the announcements:

First off, Synergy will be closed from Thanksgiving Thursday thru the following Monday. See your Instructor for any make up private lessons.

And second, test time is coming again very rapidly. A week from this Saturday on the 19th the Kids Karate and TacTecs will be having their next testing. Test will be held like normal at the regular scheduled class time. Be sure to check in with your Instructor to make sure your ready and get some work on anything you’re feeling like you need to.

Alrighty team, have a great week and we’ll see you in the gym!!!

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